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Making partner at Garrett & Rhem law firm and being engaged to the man she loves has Justice riding on a natural high. But when she opens the newspaper and discovers her fiancé Keith has been living a lie she closes her heart to love. Becoming a Judge becomes the only piece of pie she intends to taste. Against her better judgment she takes on a low profile custody battle for Austin Crews a local detective who is desperately seeking custody of his abandoned twelve year old daughter. Instantly attracted to her, Austin fights his urges as Justice makes it clear she does not get involved with her clients. But Justice has a moment of weakness that ends in a passionate filled night that causes Austin to spill his true feeling to her. Shocked at his confession Justice reveals to him that she is moving away. Overwhelmed with the news Austin pulls out all the stops to win Pieces of Justice heart. However, Justice firm vow to always put her career before love threatens it all. Will Justice ever open her eyes to True Love or will she allow past betrayals continue to block her from it?


Austin wasn’t sure when he had made up his mind to go to Justice house. But before he knew it he was sitting outside parked in her driveway. From the looks of it she wasn’t home there was not one of her vehicles in sight. But they could have been parked in the garage either way if she wasn’t home he would find her. His mind was made up.
Justice was surprised when her door bell rang she hadn’t been expecting anyone. She was in high swing of packing her things and trying to shake Austin out of her mind. And possibly her heart one day, maybe.
“Hey,” Justice spoke when she opened the door. She was sure he could see the embarrassed look on her face. “What are you doing here?” Justice almost hated the words as they left her mouth. She didn’t mean it the way it came out but she looked a mess. Her hair was in a straggly pony tail and she had on a sweat suit. Because the last person she was expecting to show up at her door was, Austin.
“I’m sorry to show up unannounced but I had to see you.” The look in his eyes tugged at her heart. She wanted to comfort him make him let him know that everything would be alright. But she felt that was a lie.


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